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Katelyn McCaigue

Katelyn Blodgett (maiden and artist name: McCaigue) is a native Arizona artist. Currently, Katelyn works as a full time graphic designer and part time illustrator and YouTuber. She attended Arizona State University and received her BFA in Drawing. She also participated in a three-year graphic design internship at the ASU Cronkite Public Relations Lab. 

Throughout her life, Katelyn has had a passion for art, illustration and character design. To keep the fire of this passion lit, Katelyn creates weekly art videos featuring activities such as monster creation (Monster Mashes), character design, and other art challenges. 

Katelyn also has many years of experience working as a graphic designer. She worked at PSAV (a presentation and meetings service company) creating brochures, ad campaigns, print and digital marketing materials, and managing over 1,400 partnership websites. Currently, Katelyn works for BD (previously BARD), a medical device and services company. At BD, she has designed everything from full event collateral (displays and visual set pieces, scenic elements, handouts, brochures, floor clings, and more), product ad campaigns, and other marketing materials.

Katelyn enjoys action role-play video games, playing D&D on the weekends, petting her two little Shiba Inus, watching a lot of anime and monster movies, and having sketch café dates with her husband. 

To view more about Katelyn's experience, visit her full resume page here.